Ten Valuable Vertigo (1958) Movie Posters & Collectibles
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Ten Valuable Vertigo (1958) Movie Posters & Collectibles

Vertigo premiered on May 9, 1958, with James Stewart and Kim Novak in the starring roles. Valuable Vertigo movie memorabilia includes one sheet, insert, three sheet and half sheet posters, lobby card sets, movie stills and Australian daybill, British quad and Belgian movie posters.

Paramount Pictures' Vertigo represents one of Alfred Hitchcock's spookier films. Starring James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes and Tom Helmore, Vertigo tells the story of acrophobic San Francisco detective John "Scottie" Ferguson and his investigation of an old college chum's wife. Made for an estimated $2.479 million, Vertigo premiered in San Francisco on May 9, 1958, earning Academy Award nominations for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration and Best Sound.

Here are ten valuable Vertigo movie posters and collectibles that are sure to thrill Alfred Hitchcock fans and movie memorabilia collectors. "Scottie, do you believe that someone out of the past – someone dead – can enter and take possession of a living being?" Tom Helmore as Gavin Elster

Vertigo One Sheet Movie Poster 

A restored one sheet poster (27x41-inches) in very fine condition on linen sold at auction for $3,465. Vertigo was filmed on location in San Francisco. Saul Bass designed the movie's poster art. Premiere magazine voted the Vertigo one sheet design as the #3 best poster of all time.

Vertigo one sheet poster $3,465

Vertigo Insert Movie Poster

An insert movie poster (14x36-inches) in very fine+ condition brought $836.50 at auction.

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