Ten Valuable The Invisible Man (1933) Movie Posters & Collectibles
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Ten Valuable The Invisible Man (1933) Movie Posters & Collectibles

Universal Pictures' The Invisible Man debuted on November 13, 1933, starring Claude Rains and Gloria Stuart. Valuable The Invisible Man movie memorabilia includes original insert posters, window cards, movie stills, lobby cards, movie heralds and 1951 Realart movie posters.

Universal Pictures' The Invisible Man came to movie theaters in Depression-era 1933. Directed by James Whale and starring Claude Rains, Gloria Stuart, William Harrigan, Henry Travers, Dudley Digges, Una O'Connor and Forrester Harvey, The Invisible Man features Rains in the title role, a rogue scientist named Griffin who discovers the key to invisibility. The Invisible Man debuted on November 13, 1933, winning a Special Recommendation at the prestigious Venice Film Festival.

Here are ten valuable The Invisible Man movie posters and collectibles that are sure to interest movie memorabilia collectors. "The drugs I took seemed to light up my brain. Suddenly I realized the power I held, the power to rule, to make the world grovel at my feet." - Claude Rains as Griffin

The Invisible Man Window Card 

A restored window card (14x22-inches) in very good+ condition sold at auction for $5,078.75. The Invisible Man is based on the 1897 novel of the same name by British author H.G. Wells.

The Invisible Man window card $5,078.75

The Invisible Man Insert Movie Poster

An insert movie poster (14x36-inches) in fine condition brought $80,500. It's the only known The Invisible Man insert poster in existence.

The Invisible Man Lobby Card

An individual scene lobby card (11x14-inches) in fine+ condition sold at auction for $7,767.50. The original choice for The Invisible Man was Boris Karloff, who turned the role down because of the central character's "invisibility" throughout most of the picture.

The Invisible Man lobby card with Gloria Stuart and William Harrigan $7,767.50

The Invisible Man Movie Herald

A movie herald (7x10-inches) in fine/very fine condition brought $418.25 at auction. Screenwriter R.C. Sherriff went out and bought a copy of H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man in a secondhand bookstore in order to faithfully adapt the novel for Universal Pictures.

The Invisible Man Movie Still

An original 8x10-inch black-and-white movie still picturing Claude Rains – sans white bandages – in very fine+ condition fetched a top bid of $119.50 at auction. A double was sometimes used for Rains during filming of The Invisible Man.

The Invisible Man movie still featuring Claude Rains $119.50

The Invisible Man 1951 Reissue One Sheet Movie Poster

Realart re-released The Invisible Man to movie theaters in 1947 and again in 1951. A 1951 reissue one sheet movie poster (27x41-inches) in fine+ condition sold at auction for $1,553.50.

The Invisible Man 1951 Realart one sheet poster $1,553.50

The Invisible Man 1951 Reissue Lobby Card

A 1951 reissue lobby card (11x14-inches) featuring a bandaged Claude Rains in very fine+ condition brought $896.25 at auction.

The Invisible Man 1951 Reissue Insert Movie Poster

A 1951 reissue insert movie poster (14x36-inches) in very fine- condition sold at auction for $3,734.38. The Invisible Man features bravura special effects by John P. Fulton and John Mescall.

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Comments (3)

Never know about the film. Good sharing.

These collectibles are quite costly. Well composed assortment. Thank you.

I would like some information on my Invisable Man movie poster. Please contact me at  luckyirishdragon@yahoo.com.   I'd be glad to send pictures. I can't seem to find any close to the size or color of mine. I believe it's a theatre poster. The bottom right corner says IMP and D.COPSON. There are a few other markings on it as well such as #1265. I believe it's size is 27x41 inches