Ten Valuable Spellbound (1945) Movie Posters & Collectibles
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Ten Valuable Spellbound (1945) Movie Posters & Collectibles

Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound debuted on October 31, 1945, starring Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck. Valuable Spellbound movie memorabilia includes one sheet, 24 sheet and half sheet posters, lobby cards, movie heralds and Australian, Belgian, Italian and Argentinean movie posters.

United Artists' Spellbound thrilled movie audiences in 1945. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, Michael Chekhov, Leo G. Carroll and Rhonda Fleming, Spellbound features Bergman as Dr. Constance Petersen, a psychiatrist who harbors an amnesiac accused of murder. Made for $1.69 million, Spellbound premiered in New York City on October 31, 1945, earning Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Chekhov), Best Director, Best Black-and-White Cinematography, Best Music Scoring (Miklos Rozsa, won) and Best Special Effects.

Here are ten valuable Spellbound movie posters and collectibles that are sure to interest Alfred Hitchcock buffs and movie memorabilia collectors. "I'm haunted, but I can't see by what!" - Gregory Peck as John Ballantyne

Spellbound One Sheet Movie Poster 

A restored one sheet movie poster (27x41-inches) in very fine+ condition on linen fetched a top bid of $4,780 at auction. Spellbound is based on the 1927 novel The House of Dr. Edwardes by Frances Beeding (pseudonym for John Palmer and Hilary A. Saunders), whose screen rights were purchased for $40,000 by David O. Selznick.

Spellbound one sheet poster $4,780

Spellbound 24 Sheet Movie Poster

A huge 24 sheet billboard size movie poster (104x232-inches) in folded fine+ condition brought $2,868 at auction. Assembly required, as the poster comes in sections as originally issued.

Spellbound 24 sheet poster $2,868

Spellbound Movie Herald

A fold-out movie herald (11x17-inches) featuring Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck on the cover in fine/very fine condition sold at auction for $19.

Spellbound Title Lobby Card

A title lobby card (11x14-inches) in very fine+ condition brought $1,135.25 at auction. Hitchcock had originally suggested the title Hidden Impulse for the film.

Spellbound title lobby card with Bergman and Peck $1,135.25

Spellbound Australian One Sheet Movie Poster

An Australian one sheet movie poster (27x40-inches) in very fine condition sold at auction for $836.50. It bears the blurb "Suitable Only For Adults."

Spellbound Half Sheet Movie Poster

A restored half sheet movie poster (22x28-inches) in very fine- condition brought $2,629 at auction. Look for Alfred Hitchcock's cameo approximately 40 minutes into the movie, where he can be glimpsed carrying a violin case and smoking a cigarette.

Spellbound half sheet poster $2,629

Spellbound 1949 Reissue Insert Movie Poster

Eagle Lion re-released Spellbound in 1949. A 1949 reissue insert poster (14x36-inches) in fine+ condition on linen brought $322 at auction.

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