Ten Valuable Rollerball (1975) Movie Posters & Collectibles
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Ten Valuable Rollerball (1975) Movie Posters & Collectibles

Norman Jewison's Rollerball debuted on June 25, 1975, starring James Caan, Maud Adams and John Houseman. Valuable Rollerball movie memorabilia includes one sheet, insert, advance and three sheet posters, lobby card sets, presskits and Japanese, French and Italian movie posters.

United Artists' sci-fi classic Rollerball cruised into movie theaters in 1975. Directed by Norman Jewison and starring James Caan, Maud Adams, John Houseman, John Beck, Moses Gunn, Pamela Hensley and Barbara Trentham, Rollerball features Caan as Jonathan E., a superstar in the futuristic sport of rollerball whose worldwide popularity is viewed as a threat to the all-powerful corporations. Rollerball debuted on June 25, 1975, earning three Golden Scrolls from the prestigious Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films.

Here are ten valuable Rollerball movie posters and collectibles that are sure to interest science fiction fans and movie memorabilia collectors. "There’s really not much more serious violence here than in a good Three Stooges comedy – mostly a lot of head-spinning close-ups of body blocks, gang tackles, drop kicks, kidney punches and elbowed eyeballs, accompanied by whopping and whacking and bopping and grunching sounds…Caan is perfectly cast as the hero who seems equal part antihero, and Houseman’s sinisterness is smoothly subtle. Norman Jewison’s fast-fire direction leads Rollerball’s action, and that is what the movie is all about.” - Sports Illustrated (7/7/75)

Rollerball One Sheet Movie Poster

A standard one sheet movie poster (27x41-inches) in fine+ condition sold at auction for $42. Rollerball is based on the short story "Roller Ball Murder" by William Harrison, which first appeared in the September 1973 issue of Esquire.

Rollerball one sheet poster $42

Rollerball Insert Movie Poster

An insert movie poster (14x36-inches) in very fine condition brought $143.40 at auction. Norman Jewison had cast James Caan in the role of Jonathan E. after seeing him as doomed Chicago Bears running back Brian Piccolo in Brian's Song (1971).

Rollerball Lobby Card Set

A complete set of eight lobby cards (11x14-inches) in very fine/near mint condition sold at auction for $84. Moviegoers in 1975 might have encountered these great cards on display in theater lobbies.

Rollerball lobby set $84

Rollerball Mylar Advance One Sheet Movie Poster

A Mylar advance one sheet movie poster (27x40-inches) in very fine/near mint condition fetched a top bid of $418.25 at auction. The rollerball gaming sequences were staged at the Olympic Basketball Arena in Munich, West Germany. The locals played the screaming, blood-thirsty spectators.

Rollerball Jumbo Lobby Card Set

A complete set of sixteen jumbo lobby cards (16x20-inches) in very fine- condition brought a modest $62 at auction. Rollerball is a cross between roller derby, football, hockey and lacrosse. In between filming, cast members, extras and stuntmen played the sport for fun.

Rollerball Japanese B2 Movie Poster

A Japanese B2 movie poster (20x29-inches) in very fine+ condition sold at auction for $53. Rollerball invaded Japan on July 5, 1975.

Rollerball Japanese B2 poster $53

Rollerball French Affiche Movie Poster

A French affiche movie poster (23x31-inches) in very fine+ condition brought $89.63 at auction. Rollerball debuted in France on November 12, 1975.

Rollerball Special Advance Movie Posters

A collection of three special advance movie posters (20x29-inches) in near mint condition sold at auction for $836.50. As depicted in the movie, rollerball is played internationally, with franchises in New York, Houston, Madrid, Rome, Manila, Tokyo, Pittsburgh, et al. The Houston club, home to Jonathan E.,  is owned by the Energy Corporation.

Rollerball special advance movie poster, one of three $836.50

Rollerball Movie Presskits

A total of three movie presskits in very fine- condition brought $59.75 at auction. These kits were given to the media for promotional purposes.

Rollerball Italian Locandina Movie Poster

An Italian locandina movie poster (13x27-inches) in fine/very fine condition sold at auction for $83.65. Rollerball came to Italy on October 5, 1975.

Rollerball Italian locandina poster $83.65

Rollerball Three Sheet Movie Poster

A big three sheet movie poster (41x81-inches) in very fine+ condition brought $262.90 at auction. MGM remade Rollerball in 2002, bearing little resemblance to the original 1975 film.

Okay, that's eleven items, a little bonus for Rollerball fans and collectors everywhere...

Rollerball Movie Memorabilia Credits & Top Image

  • All auction results & images courtesy Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas
  • Top image: Rollerball subway movie poster (44x59-inches) in fine- condition $107.55

Copyright © 2011 William J. Felchner

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