Mister Ed TV Collectibles Values
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Mister Ed TV Collectibles Values

Mister Ed ran on television from 1961 to 1966 starring Alan Young, Connie Hines, Edna Skinner, Larry Keating and Allan "Rocky" Lane as the voice of the talking horse. Valuable Mister Ed TV collectibles include Parker Bros. board games, old TV Guides and TV Weeks, pinback buttons, Mattel talking hand puppets, Little Golden Books and Dell/Gold Key comic books.

The wild sitcom Mister Ed ran on syndicated/CBS-TV from 1961 to 1966 producing 144 half-hour episodes. Created by Walter Brooks, Mister Ed – the story of a talking horse befriended by an architect – stars Alan Young (Wilbur Post), Connie Hines (Carol Post), Edna Skinner (Kay Addison), Larry Keating (Roger Addison) and Allan "Rocky" Lane (voice of Mister Ed). Here are ten valuable Mister Ed TV collectibles that are sure to please "Ed" fans and collectors. Right, Wilbur?

Mister Ed, TV Guide, March 31, 1962

Alan Young (1919-) and Mister Ed grace the cover of the March 31, 1962, issue of TV Guide. This magazine in excellent condition carries a value of $55-65. Collectors will pay a premium for issues without mailing address labels. 

Mister Ed Talking Hand Puppet

Mattel Toys produced the Mister Ed talking hand puppet in 1962. Pull the string and Ed talks, delivering such phrases as "Isn't That Silly, Talking to a Horse?" and "Oh, Horsefeathers!" Find one of these still working in its original box and count yourself $100+ richer.

Mister Ed TV Pins

A pair of 1960s Mister Ed pins – Mr. Ed, Mister Ed's Deputy – in excellent condition sold at auction for $51.75.

Mister Ed pins $51.75 - Hake's Americana & Collectibles

Mister Ed, Chicago Tribune TV Week, December 2, 1961

Connie Hines (1931-2009) appears on the cover of the December 2, 1961, edition of TV Week, a television listings supplement magazine published by the Chicago Tribune. This edition carries a value of $30-35.

Mister Ed, St. Louis Post-Dispatch TV Magazine, April 26, 1964

The cast of Mister Ed grace the cover of the April 26, 1964, issue of TV Magazine, published by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. This somewhat scarce publication is valued at over $50 in top condition. 

Mister Ed/The Talking Horse 1963 Whitman Coloring Book

Whitman produced the Mister Ed/The Talking Horse coloring book in 1963. Near mint unused examples sell in the $35-50 range. 

Mister Ed Gold Key #1 Comic Book

Dell Publishing and Gold Key produced the official Mister Ed comic book line from 1962-64. Gold Key #1 dated November 1962 in graded CGC near mint 9.4 condition sold at auction for $310.70. Finding one of these in similar top condition would be extremely remote. 

Mister Ed Gold Key #1 $310.70 - Heritage Auctions

Mister Ed/The Talking Horse Game

World-famous Parker Bros. produced the Mister Ed/The Talking Horse Game in 1962. Find this lost TV gem in near mint condition and it could be worth $75-100.

Mister Ed 1962 Little Golden Book

Golden Press published Mister Ed/The Talking Horse as a Little Golden Book in 1962. It's worth $15-20 in top condition.

Mister Ed 1964 Comic Book Premium

A 16-page comic book premium titled Mister Ed/The Talking Horse is numbered 260 and comes from The Boys and Girls March of Comics series. Find this one in excellent condition and it's worth $15-25. 

Mister Ed TV Show Memorabilia Credits

  • Auction/sales results and values courtesy Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas; Hake's Americana & Collectibles, York, Pennsylvania; TV Guide Specialists, Macomb, Illinois
  • Top image: Mister Ed TV logo - CBS-TV

Copyright © 2012 William J. Felchner. All rights reserved. 


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Mr Ed was just before my time but as a horse lover I probably would have watched it.